Inanimate Alice, Episode 4: Hometown

As we left Moscow on that plane I had no idea where we were going. It turns out my Mum and Dad had no idea either. We moved around. We stayed with friends. It took a while but finally we landed on our feet.

Sort of.

“And now I am going to die!” Attempting to impress my friends on the way home from school, I climb a rickety staircase outside an abandoned factory.

When it collapses beneath me, I hang on by my fingernails and haul myself up onto a ledge. But then I get stuck. There’s no way down. And I can’t go up. The only way out is through the scary factory, half-demolished and very dangerous. Can you help me? Can you find the way out?

My friends (I have friends now – yeah!!)love the stories I create; they want to tell their own, so I came up with a simple little tool to help them. It’s called – all you have to do is load up your photos, add some words, music and sound effects and BOOM! you have your own interactive story….in minutes.

If you’re a student, go tell your teacher to check out – it’s very educational! Hehe…

See you in Hometown, Episode 4 on .

Yours – Alice


First reviews:

“Inanimate Alice serves as both entertainment and a peek into the future of literature as a fusion of multimedia technologies. The haunting images and accompanying music and text weave a remarkably gripping tale that must be experienced to be believed… Get ready for thirty minutes of multimedia bliss.” ( Jay is Games )

“Episode 4 of the super-stylish interactive story Inanimate Alice is out now. If you’ve never experienced it, interactive fiction is part story, part game. I’ve reported on Alice before because I think it’s unique and really beautiful. (Wait till you hear the music. I’m so into it. It’s like the soundtrack for a spooky-cool movie…)” ( Books, Inq. )

“Alice tells her story through moving snapshots, journaled words and haunting music… Alice is beautiful in that we start to forget that it’s a just a game and we began to connect with her, all her fears and hopes, and her joy too.” ( The Cafe in the Woods )

“I’ve just experienced the just-released “Episode 4: Hometown” of the haunting multimedia-interactive story, Inanimate Alice and can say that it is just as enjoyable and unique as the previous three.” ( educating alice )

“Inanimate Alice is a Learning Gem… With the release of Inanimate Alice Episode 4 ‘Hometown’ I am even more convinced that this type of multimedia story is the future of e-reading.” ( Learning Gems )

“Have you caught up with Inanimate Alice yet? It is digital storytelling at its most delicious.” ( CMIS Evaluation Fiction Focus )