‘Il faudrait’, by Sarah Jacobs


Il faudrait is a meditation on a passage from Le livre des ressemblances 2, by Edmond Jabès which Sarah Jacobs first read in the translation by Rosmarie Waldrop.Sarah Jacobs is the author of Awa[y]]farer and Atrocious Books (under the name of A Singer).

A Wa[y]farer, Colebrooke Publications, 1998, ISBN 0527537 15
Atrocious Books, Colebrooke Publications, 2006, ISBN 9780952753797


Sarah Jacobs is a sculptor whose work includes making objects, performance, installation, books on paper, and books in electronic form. She habitually makes use of everyday materials – plasticine and sticky tape, pdfs and powerpoint.


“Increasingly, information is being seen as a material for the artist – just like bronze or paint. Sarah Jacobs has taken the largest collection of information – the genome – and made an e-book, which in the ephemeral nature of its hyper-links defeats our notions of the stability of a book. ‘Index’, however, is a physical book that functions as part of the would-be bookly apparatus of the e-book, its index. Text is both background and foreground, whilst different type sizes and vertical and horizontal orientations disorient the reader. Its physicality is problematised. Sarah Jacobs claims to be its ‘co-ordinator’: in fact she is its author and artist.”
– Stephen Bury, Head of American and European Collections, British Library

“To have the volume open on one’s desk is to stare into some kind of teeming cosmos, teeming with information which somehow issues from a tiny speck in our bodies. A galactic, nano Rosetta stone…. It’s a wonderful and baffling object.”
– Guy Brett, Art Critic and Curator

“The Report and the Index are strange, difficult, perplexing, suggestive and strangely beautiful – and awesome in their numerical persistence. Jacobs has created something that is very directly drawn from the science and its diffusion, using the tools of a bibliographer… I think she will come to be regarded as one of the major artists working in the field.”
– Martin Kemp, Professor of Art History, University of Oxford

Copies of Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: Index to the Report can be purchased from good bookshops online and everywhere. Perfect bound. 552 pages. 246 x 189. ISBN 978-0-9553092-2-9. RRP £13.99/$25.

Deciphering Human Chromosome 16 : We Report Here can be downloaded free from the publisher, information as material, at www.informationasmaterial.com