h2ptm’07 – deadline 15 March 2007

Collaborate, Exchange, Invent : Network Experiences
October 29-31 2007 – Hammamet, Tunisia

Laboratoire PARAGRAPHE of Paris 8 University (France) and the Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique de l’Université de la Manouba (Tunisia), under the partonage of the Tunesian Assiciation for Artificial Intelligence, co-organize the 9th edition of H2PTM : Hypertextes, Hypermédias


This 9th edition of the H2PTM conference series will take place in Hammamet, Tunesia, restating the now classic themes that initiated the first conference and confirm its continuity since. With attention to recent developments, however, it progressively expands the thematic area into several directions.

Hypermedia tools are above anything else instruments of creation and it is hypermedia where the new products and works of the digital universe are created. The conference thus accords a large part to the problems of product development and artistic creation. It emphasizes – among other things – the question of the “digital author”. The fast paced development of 3D, animation, and interaction technologies stirs at the same time an interest in video and computer games which will be part of H2PTM this year. The conference will also tackle the question of “exchange”, which lies at the heart of network practices. Finally, it will closely examine the notion of the digital document from the point of view of its creation, transmission and conservation.

Having arrived at a point of maturity, the conference seeks to establish a perspective on the evolution of its centers of interest and – after a lot of experimentation – to come back to the question of experience. This concept will therefore play the role of a red line: user experience, author experience, capitalized experience, lived experience, transmitted experience; this way, the anthropological dimension of hypermedia will be examined and underlined.

H2PTM’05 conference site


The H2PTM’07 conference will consist of two types of alternating sessions:

– Scientific conferences, “Methods, Models, Tools, Products, Works”

– Interactive expositions and demonstration workshops, “Works, Applications, Experiments”

The conference offers scientist, industrials, and publishers the possibility to reflect on the state of the art in hypertext, hypermedia, and Internet systems as well as to discuss future developments in the field. The conference proceedings will be published as an anthology in the H2PTM collection with Hermes publishing.


Official languages are French and English.

Scientific presentations may elaborate on methods, models, tools, works, and conceptual approaches to innovative products.

We call for contributions that center around the following topics (non-exhaustive list):

Theoretical approaches

* Formal hypertext models
* Architecture of hypermedia systems
* Indexing
* Integrated environnements
* Interface design and creation
* Immersive systems
* Image processing
* Distributed Internet and hypertext
* Automatic generation of navigation maps
* Automatic generation of hyperlinks
* Navigation, hypertext searching
* Collaborative hypermedia
* Collaborative writing

Quality of information and quality assurance

* Ergonomics of hypermedia applications
* Specification methods
* Conception experiences
* Project management methods
* Quality in Internet and Web applications
* Quality in e-commerce
* Semantic Web

New scriptures, new languages

* Cognitive processes and hypermedia
* Authoring environments
* 3D Modellization and narrativity
* Interactive scenarization
* Formalizing creative approaches
* Protocols, acts, creative gestures
* Intentionality of message construction
* Practical uses of authoring tools
* Creative research
* AI and artistic creativity

Advanced applications and uses of multimedia and hypermedia

* Uses of information technology for education
* E-learning
* Advanced learning technologies
* Digital documents and libraries
* The role of technological innovation in commercial practices
* Video and compter games on the Internet
* Hypermedia and artistic practice
* New relations between author and public
* Digital networks, social networks
* Links between technology and cultural heritage
* Social expections concerning information technology
* 3D on the Internet


March 15 2007 : deadline for proposals

May 15 2007 : notification of acceptance

June 20 2007 : final paper deadline

September 1 2007 : final deadline for conference inscriptions of at least one of the authors


March 15 2007 :
Authors will submit proposals in form of a complete text with a maximum of 10 pages using Times 12pt. Proposals should be send to:

– Electronically as attached document (word, rtf, or pdf format) to this adress:

– As paper print in three copies to this adress:

Université Paris 8
Laboratoire Paragraphe РD̩partement Hyperm̩dias
2 rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis Cedex 2

Every proposal will be examined by at least two evaluators who will estimate its pertinence, scientific validity, originality and clearness.

May 15 2007 :
Accetence or refusal notifications will be sent, accompanied by technical specifications for publication. These specificiations must imperatively be followed because of the publication of the conference proceedings: ” H2PTM’07 : Collaborer, Echanger, Inventer : expérience de réseaux” with Editions Hermès.

The acceptance of a paper implies that at least one of the authors should be present at the conference for presenation.

June 20 2007 :
The paper should be sent to the program committee in its final form. The non-respect of this constraint may result in eviction due to editing deadlines.

September 1 2007 :
The paper will be removed from the program and the proceedings if not at least one of the authors is registered for the conference at this date.


Proposals for exhibitions and workshops may be presented as public presentation with comments and a demonstration, or in form of an exhibited work. Official languages are French and English

June 8 2007 : Deadline for reception of proposals for exhibits or workshops.
July 8 2007 : Notification of acceptance
September 15 2007 : Deadline for reception of works or products.


Université Paris 8 / Laboratoire PARAGRAPHE
Département Hypermédia / H2PTM’07
2 rue de la liberté
Tél. : (33) + (0)1 49 40 67 58 ou (33) + (0)1 49 40 64 25
Fax : (33) + (0)1 49 40 67 83