Graphic Constellations: Visual Poetry and the Properties of Space – Cambridge UK, 22 January – 21 February 2015

“The constellation is ordered by the poet. He determines the play-area, the field or force… It is a reality in itself and not a poem about something or other. The constellation is an invitation”. Eugen Gomringer, From Line to Constellation (1954), translated by Mike Weaver.

Opening just after Gomringer’s 90th birthday, this new exhibition, curated by Bronac Ferran and Will Hill, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the First International Exhibition of Concrete, Kinetic and Phonic Poetry held in Cambridge in late 1964.

With works from artists Liliane Lijn, Ann Noel, Edward Wright, Hansjoerg Mayer and others it will demonstrate the dynamic interplay between text and image and between poetry and graphic design. The exhibition will include a kinetic art piece made by founder of Leonardo Journal of Art and Science Frank Malina, who was featured in the 1964 exhibition.

A series of contextualising publications and graphic works will convey aspects of the relationship between visual poetry and related concepts of space within typography and sculpture.

This is part of a series of events in Cambridge marking the half centenary of the 1964 exhibition, including a Brazil-related show at the Centre for Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge in November-December 2014 drawing on rare archival material from the collection of Professor Stephen Bann, and an exhibition of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s work opening on 5 December 2014 at Kettle’s Yard, curated by Stephen Bann.