Futuresonic’s Art strand commission – deadline 13 October 2008


A commission valued at GBP 5000 is available to create a new artwork, plus Futuresonic can support a limited number of other projects.

Each year Futuresonic’s Art strand commissions new artworks and presents exhibitions on art, technology and social themes, with a focus on artworks that are participatory, sited in public space, and in an urban context. Futuresonic is a space to critically explore the latest upgrade affecting today’s digital culture. The festival features art exhibitions, performances and interventions, including many world firsts – transforming the city into a space of experimentation, making it come alive.

2009 is the culmination of the Environment 2.0 project. Within the festival and throughout the year, Futuresonic will be exploring the Environment 2.0 theme, the interface between our digital footprint and our environmental footprint. Through Cracks In The Pavement is an exhibition featuring artworks that seek to inspire social change, and local innovations that enhance sustainability. Post-Car Futures is an exhibition exploring new mobilities from the wheel to wirelessness, and new ways of travelling and new ways to stay still.

Futuresonic invites submissions of artworks, social innovations or technological interventions for inclusion in the Futuresonic 2009 festival and on the Environment 2.0 theme.

Submissions deadline — 5pm, 13 October 2008. *We invite you to submit expressions of interest to Gala Pujol at fs2009 [at] futuresonic.com in advance of the deadline.

Download an application form here: