FutureEverything Awards – deadline 1 December 2009

FutureEverything is pleased to announce the establishment of The FutureEverything Awards.

The FutureEverything Awards recognise outstanding achievement for innovation in the arts, music, society and technology. They celebrate creative projects in any medium which offer a new and unique way to experience or see the world and help to bring the future into the present.

Awards Ceremony at the FutureEverything Festival

The Awards are presented at an Awards Ceremony – a Gala event staged during the FutureEverything festival, also featuring presentations of the winner and runners up, and a world class curated programme of performance and presentations.

The inaugural FutureEverything festival (formerly Futuresonic, est. 1995) takes place 12-15 May 2010 in Manchester England. Attended by 75,000 people, the festival features world premieres of astonishing artworks, an explosive city-wide music programme, and visionary thinkers from around the world.