FutureEverything 2014 Festival & Conference – Tools for Unknown Futures – Manchester & Liverpool, 27/3/14-1/4/14

FutureEverything 2014 Festival & Conference
Thu 27 March to Tue 1 April, Manchester & Liverpool

Tools for Unknown Futures

It takes more than technology to imagine a future. Today, the UK design scene has become the center of an international movement that uses narratives, characters and scenarios to plot out the possible trajectories of society under the constant push of science and innovation. Critical Design, the field started by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, has blossomed into the rich vocabulary we call today Design Fiction; acts of the imagination that play the function of preventive measures, images that allow us to ask ourselves if that particular future is one we might like to live in.

FutureEverything is proud to showcase and celebrate this movement, as many of its leading names converge in the art programme of the festival and in the first day of the festival conference.

“City Fictions” (http://futureeverything.org/festival/art/cityfictions), a full series of prototypes from the future, will take over the NOMA district on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival. This will be a speculative city, one imagined through conjecture and curiosity. A new edition of Hello Lamp Post enables visitors to talk to future city institutions and street furniture. Adam Harvey presents a world first anti-facial recognition hairdressing and makeover salon. A museum presents objects from the future by Superflux, Adrian Hon, Fabrica, Stefanie Posavec, Ben Hammersley, and more. Winning Formula is the premiere of a major new art installation and newspaper from 2018 on the future of data and sport, commissioned by FutureEverything, National Football Museum and CCCB.

On monday, the conference (http://futureeverything.org/festival/conference) includes up to 4 hours of conversation and 8 presentations covering emerging fields like robotics, synthetic biology, new materials, reprogrammable cities or the future of food. Anthony Dunne, from design visionaries Dunne+Raby and the influential Design Interactions program at RCA, will start an afternoon that will travel through the landscapes of the “Speculative Everything”, the title of his last book. He will be joined by leading UK practitioners like Anab Jain from design fiction giants Superflux, Daisy Ginsberg, one of the preeminent voices in the conversation around synthetic biology, or the influential futures urbanist Liam Young. Featured international guests will join the conversation to incorporate other perspectives, from Amsterdam’s Next Nature Lab and their work on the future of food production to Zuloark, the Madrid-based collective that has made a great impact in the architecture world with their work designing citizen-run public spaces.

FutureEverything 2014 Festival & Conference
Thu 27 March to Tue 1 April, Manchester & Liverpool

Art and Design events include the City Fictions pop up city, on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March, and exhibitions and events at the National Football Museum, FACT and other venues. The Conference is on Monday 31 March and Tuesday 1 April at Manchester Town Hall. The Live programme runs from Thursday 27 March to Tuesday 1 April.

Adam Harvey / Adrian Hon / Alex Box / BBC Connected Studio / Ben Dalton / Ben Hammersley / Bio Strike / Blank Media / BUQs / CoGet / Fixperts / Francis Bitonti / Golan Levin / James Bridle / Jon Rafman / Karen Mirza & Brad Butler / Larissa Sansour / Lauren Bowker / Lisa Kori & Caitlin Morris (Fabrica) / Mark Leckey / Near Future Laboratory / Nicky Kirk and Mel Woods / Open-Circuit / Pan Studios / Peter Gregson / Rohan Gunatillake / Ryan Trecartin / Sam Meech / Smart Citizens / Stefanie Posavec / Storystorm / Superflux / thickear / Unit X / YoHa / Zuloark

Adam Greenfield / Adam Harvey / Adrian Hon / Alex Fleetwood / Alex Gluhak (Intel) / Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg / Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino / Anab Jain / Anthony Dunne / Ben Vickers / Clare Reddington / Dan Hill / Dan Williams / Eleanor Saitta / Emer Colman / Garnet Hertz / Golan Levin / Holly Gramazio / Irene Ng / James Bridle / Jon Kingsbury / Justin McGuirk / Katalin Gallyas / Koert van Mensvoort / Liam Young / Mia Ridge / Mike Bracken (Digital Director, UK Cabinet Office) / Neil Crockett (CDEC) / Paul Graham Raven / Paul Wolinksi & Joe Shrewsbury / Rachel Rayns (Raspberry Pi) / Seb Chan / Simon Giles (Accenture) / Space Lady / Tom Armitage / Tomas Diez / Volker Buscher (Arup) / Zuloark

Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) / Robert Henke (Monolake) / Dean Blunt / Mika Vainio / Source Direct / Ninos Du Brasil (Nico Vascellari) / EVOL / Longplayer for Voices and Listening Post / Evian Christ / Koreless / Lorenzo Senni / Visionist / TCF / Florian Kupfer / Tom Boogizm / RVDS (Golden Pudel) / Patricia (Opal Tapes) / Andrew Lyster / Miwa Matreyek / EMN & David Leonard / Peter Edwards (Casperelectronics) / Joker Nies / Richard Scott / Rob Hordijk / Martin Messier: Projectors (World Première) / Ex-Easter Island Head / Mooncircle label showcase ft. KRTS (Debut UK tour) + Submerse + Rain Dog / The Space Lady (Debut European Performance) / Tim Hecker / Julianna Barwick