FutureBook Digital Innovation Awards – deadline 18 February 2011



1. Best app/enhanced eBook/interactive book
Does your app, enhanced eBook or interactive book show innovation? We’re looking for exciting use of your content blended with a device’s features to most engage your audience.

2. Best workflow innovation
A company or person who has shown innovation behind the scenes, affected change to simplify, improve and enhance workflow. Be that technical, staff, resources or information change.

3. Best content innovation
How are you responding to your customers changing demands for content? Can you show innovation in your content strategy?

4. Best website
This award will recognise innovation from across the book trade. Well conceived websites that, through great design, usability and best practice in online communication have engaged its audience.

5. Best use of social media
The book trade is extremely well represented across social media platforms. Can you show innovation in your social media strategy to engage and excite your audience?

6. Best integrated digital marketing campaign
Have you implemented a campaign across many digital channels? Have each of the elements of your campaign worked together as a coherent campaign? Can you show great use of video, mobile, email, social media and more?

7. Most inspiring digital publishing person
Who would you nominate as the most inspiring person from across the trade? A person who offers clear vision, innovation and leadership.