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Artwork by Bjorn Magnhildoen
Review Title – Norwayweb and Databdoies
Review by Marc Garrett.
Morwayweb is a Net Art project by Bjorn Magnhildoen that Scrapes tax information of over 4 million Norwegians from different databases into a real-time artwork. “Norwayweb was originally part of a series called “Protocol Performance” realised in 2007 with the support of the Norwegian Cultural Council, section for art and new technology. This work uses specific data collected from a source or sources originating from the national system’s database. The information is scraped from about 4 million Norwegian tax payer’s databases. As soon as you visit the web page, you automatically trigger off the action of collecting the data. On the left side of the interface figures cascade down the page before your very eyes, which gradually evolves into what Magnhildoen calls a carpet. The term carpet is a reference to the textile based craft of weaving..”
Permlink: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=295

[PAM] the Perpetual Art Machine
Review Title – You Can’t Stay Here PAM!
Review/Interview by Eliza Fernbach.
Eliza Fernbach Interviews Lee Wells from [PAM] the Perpetual Art Machine. The online Video Portal, a growing Internet community
collaborating with artists for exhibitions and distribution, based in New York. “Participation lies at the heart of the online video portal [PAM]. In fact the site has generated such response that the best way to communicate with the PAM founders is to find them in person. They are a visible, engaged group on the New York Art scene; Lee Wells, a curator and Artist in his own right, was introduced to Christopher Borkowski, a digital artist and IT specialist at the Guggenheim by Raphaele Shirley, whose credentials include working for Nam June Paik. Artist Aaron Miller had already been collaborating with Borkowski following on their student work at Rochester University. Conceived with Scope Art fair on the horizon, [PAM] was born in December 2005 two months after an impromptu brainstorming session at Shirley’s studio.”
Permlink: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=296

Exhibition – Addressable Memory
By Michael Takeo Magruder
Review By Rob Myers
Touring exhibition by Michael Takeo Magruder.
At TheSpace4 in Peterborough 22nd September – 18th November 2007, touring the UK throughout 2008.

Michael Takeo Magruder’s touring exhibition ‘Addressable Memory’. Technology & aesthetics of mobile phones, Internet news feeds, video screens, computer image processing & virtual reality are all turned on themselves. “Michael Takeo Magruder is portraying this landscape of digital memory with its own tools, producing portraits of its inhabitants with its own palettes. In Addressable Memory the first draft of history is allegorized as a process of combining and quantizing disparate experience and telemetry. Of mashing-up and composing. The technology and aesthetics of mobile phones, Internet news feeds, video screens, computer image processing and virtual reality are all turned on themselves. At TheSpace4 in Peterborough this show takes up all three rooms. It will be touring the UK throughout 2008.”
Permlink: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=297

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