Free space for UK art/lit students in Second Life – Education UK Island

What is Education UK Island? Education UK Island is a not for profit educational island (private virtual space) in Second Life, constructed to provide a ‘safe’ location for U.K. virtual education. The island is available to UK educators and their students.

What do we offer? Education UK Island’s art and design gallery has been created to enable practitioners and learners to exhibit their work in Second Life. These displays could be anything from watercolour paintings and photography, to pottery, clothes design, sculptures, flower arranging, interactive art installations or poetry recitals. The only constraint is your imagination. The gallery also offers opportunities for students of exhibition design to develop and trial exhibitions and display stands for events.

We are offering free space on Education UK Island to display work within the art gallery, smaller empty office spaces or open areas

We are happy to work with participants to set up exhibitions. We would anticipate exhibitions to run for at least 3 months, dependant on interest. Available floor space is negotiable.

What is the application closing date? There is no closing date! We will accept applications on an ongoing basis.

Who is it for? Groups, course participants, tutors or teachers of art, design, fashion, photography, exhibition design or craft, poetry and visual media.

Are there any age restrictions? The main Grid of Second Life, and therefore, Education UK island is for adults only (18+).

Who owns my work? Exhibitors retain full rights and ownership of their work. Visitors to the island cannot take a copy of the work unless the creator allows the appropriate privileges.

How to apply. Further information can be obtained in-world by Instant Messaging Susan Williams or Chris Eggplant, or by email:
mailto: using the subject line “Education UK – Art and Design space”. Informal discussion is welcomed from potential applicants.

Alternatively, please download an application form from: