Free Futurism / Dada event in Cambridge, UK – Saturday 24 October 2009, 1-4pm

BLAST-UP!Everyone is welcome to attend this interactive exhibition on Saturday 24 October, in the Recital Hall at Anglia Ruskin University (East Road, Cambridge), from 1-4pm. Suitable for all ages.

Please call 0845 196 3826 or email festivalbookings [at] to book your FREE place.

‘Slashing through our millennial gloom’ – Futurists prickling the English

To celebrate the founding manifesto of Futurism in 1909 we invite you to an interactive exhibition that brings the sounds, sights and sensations of the era to life. Here you may borrow from the Futurists in your own style: using caution or abandon as you shoot at popular culture in a Vorticist game of space invaders created by Katy Price and Chris Joseph, manipulate sounds of the city to create a new sonata, deform words into wriggling poetic scores, produce updated manifestos for the year 2009 and even participate in a Futurist performance at the end of the afternoon.

Featuring the spectacular Dutch dada performer chacha who will present a selection of sound poetry at 3pm.