Flag Metamorphoses – ongoing deadline


Flag Metamorphoses is an ongoing participatory and collaborative art project curated by Myriam Thyes. The concept is simple – the flags of every nation in the world transforming into each other through flash animations. It’s a great example of an idea that opens up a wealth of possibilities for artistic political comment, and the relationship between two flags/countries as realised through (meta)morphing animations can be understood quickly by viewers in any country. My contribution (by far one of the least accomplished animations in the project, I’m not ashamed to admit!) was the UK Union Jack to the flag of Barbados, representing both the 1966 independence of Barbados from Britain, and my own maternal Barbadian heritage.

There are 33 animations so far, and Myriam does a fantastic job of getting the project seen at festivals and other screenings (see below) all around the world.

Visit the site for more about the project and how to enter your own work.


6-7/2009: Urban Screens , Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
5/2009: Kunstverein Rhein-Sieg, Siegburg, Germany
4/2009: 17 Days Video Series, University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art, Charlottesville, USA
4/2009: Building Paradise, 7+FIG Art Space, Los Angeles, USA (April – May 2009)
4/2009: International Animated Film Festival ReAnimacja, Lodz, Poland
3/2009: Algorithmia, San Fransisco, USA
2/2009: 17 Days Video Series, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA

9/2008: 17 Days Video Series, Alfred State College, New York, USA
9/2008: Goethe Institute, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
8/2008: Herzloos, Het Hijgend Hert, Breda, Netherlands (August 12)
8/2008: Concorto Film Festival, Milan, Italy (August 27 – 31)
7/2008: Festival Miden 2008, Kalamata, Greece
6/2008: IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Balchik, Sofia, Bulgaria
5/2008: Art Tech Media 07, Madrid, Spain
4-6/2008: ‘Nothing to Declare’, 4th Triennale Oberschwaben, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany
3/2008: AZYL Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
2/2008: Our Friends Are Electric, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
2/2008: FILE (Electronic Language International Festival), Porto Alegre, Brazil
1/2008: 4th edition Mediterranean Environmental Award, Almeria, Spain

12/2007: Videomedeja 11th International Video Festival, http://videomedeja.org/ , Museum of Voivodina, Novi Sad, Croatia
11/2007: Flip Animation Festival, www.flipfestival.co.uk , Wolverhampton, UK
10/2007: URBAN SCREENS, Manchester, UK
10/2007: Festival Animatu, Beja, Portugal
09/2007: Pixilerations [v.4] media art festival, FirstWorksProv, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
08/2007: One Minute Film & Videofestival, Kunstraum Aarau, Switzerland
07/2007: Centro Comercial, Tehuacán, Mexico
06/2007: TACTICS OF RESISTANCE, Constantin Brancusi Exhibition Centre, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
03/2007: Victory Media Network, 3090 Olive Street, Dallas, USA
03/2007: FLEFF (Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival) , Ithaca, NY, USA
03/2007: DUTA Visual Arts Biennial, Douala, Cameroon
03/2007: Traverse Video, Toulouse, France
01/2007: ‘Projected Weekends’ , The Digital Hub, Dublin, Ireland

10/2006: Canarias Mediafest, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
10/2006: Dialog Festival Winterthur, Switzerland
10/2006: relate art, Meilen and Zurich, Switzerland
09/2006: FLAG METAMORPHOSES ON THE BIG SCREENS, central stations of Zurich, Basel, Bern and Geneva, Switzerland
09/2006: Paraflows 06, Vienna, Austria
09/2006: Square Eyes Festival, State of the Image interactive media festival, Arnhem, Netherlands
07/2006: Multimedia Prize winner, AVANCA 06 , Avanca, Portugal
06/2006: Eighth International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium, Havana, Cuba
06/2006: Festival of Nations, Ebensee, Austria
05/2006: Pixeldance, Thessaloniki, Greece
04/2006: D>Art.2006, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
04/2006: Independent Arts Festival, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and Eindhoven, Netherlands
03/2006: FILE-RIO (International Electronic Language Festival), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
03/2006: AniMOweb Festival, Modena, Italy