Exhibition of Digital Cultural Content – IOCT, Leicester, 11am-3pm

You are invited to an Exhibition of Digital Cultural Content

at the IOCT – http://www.ioct.dmu.ac.uk

Thursday 29th July

Demonstrations running continuously from 11am-3pm

Nibbles and soft drinks provided

Exhibitor: Dr. Ken Tin-Kai Chen, Department of Digital Technology and Game Design, Shu-Te University, Taiwan (email: tkchen [at] acm.org )

Organizers: Nicholas Higgett and Gerardo Saucedo Faculty of Art and Design/IoCT, De Montfort University

1. Background

Recently, several exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects in digital art, history and museums, have been undertaken by Dr. Chen and his students which aim to design new digital cultural content including Chinese traditional puppetry and characters, virtual Romans in Leicester, digital archives and maps of historical buildings and mobile phone games. Please see attached for more information. Through innovative interaction models, they allow users to understand the story and history of culture and have the potential to preserve and increase access to our culture and tradition.

2. Aims

The purpose of this exhibition is to display these recent exhibitions and projects to researchers and students, to stimulate creativity in digital cultural content design by taking advantage of recent new interactive multimedia technologies. It is hoped that these exhibitions could open a channel for possible collaboration.