Europa Neurotisch – deadline 10 November 2008

Deadline for application is 10 november 2008
Open to all media.
Exhibition dates: 22 november till 5 december 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Europa Neurotisch

Giving one answer to “What is Europe?” is complicated; at first it’s a continent but also a political and economical union of the more prosperous countries residing in the continent.

Today one could argue that Europe as a word would direct more to the European Union than to the continent itself, and therefore would place itself more into the context of one economic and political unit.

But although this process takes place in the light of democracy, does it reflect it’s inhabitants unity? Is there a unity at all?

Within this show we would like to address these questions in an almost informal way, the show could be seen as sort of a roadmovie; sights, sounds, ideas make up a fabric that as a whole could be described as Europe.

The show is not intended as a demystifying collection of answers regarding the sole identity of Europe, but more as an eclectic look at the whole concept of Europe.

Therefore the type of works we are looking can deal with micro or macro Europe; they can be political, personal, social, as long as the work has a tie to europe we are interested.

A catalogue will be made of all the works presented in the show wich afterwards will be mailed to all participants in the show.

This show will be the starting point of a series of shows dealing in some way with Europe, a second show is planned in the second half of 2009.

This call is open to individual artists, as well as collectives and artist run spaces.
There is no restriction to size or material, however we have no funding for transportation.

More info about Petersburg Project Space:

Deadline for application is 10 november 2008.

Send your materials to:

Petersburg Project Space
Frans de Wollantstraat 84
1018 SC Amsterdam

Or if digital you can send it to:

info [at]