Electronic Literature Organisation Twitter stream

Announcing the ELO Twitter stream:

For the past few months we’ve been testing out this new technology called Twitter. At ELO, we are always reticent to try out new fangly technologies, but this one reminds us of the telegraph, so we’ll give it a try.

Our account:

Follow us and spread the word! (Perhaps even on #FollowFriday.)

Publicity 2.1 (because so 2.0 is tired). We will be using this Twitter channel to help members publicize works, essays, calls, and events. To be a part of our stream, merely add: @eliterature to your post. Be sure to include links to relevant pages.

We plan to compile these notices in a monthly email digest, screening out as much of the porn spam as we can.

The feed from the @eliterature stream will also appear on a sidebar in a forthcoming revision to the ELO website.

Tweet on,
Mark Marino
Dir. of Communications