Electronic Literature Directory requesting syllabi for E-Lit

Calling for Syllabi: Featuring works and criticism of electronic literature for The Electronic Literature Directory, 2.0. http://directory.eliterature.org

Electronic literature is now an established presence over multiple media, the Web, exhibition venues, conferences, and social networks. Critical texts can be found in numerous online publications and scholars from various fields now approach electronic literature from multiple perspectives. The humanities are ready, it seems, to include electronic literature – or, perhaps, e-lit in the classroom is poised to transform the humanities.

With the relaunch of the Electronic Literature Directory, the ELO provides not only a platform of works but also a forum for critical discussion. As a scholarly resource, the ELD has attracted increasing attention and has recently been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus Blog ( http://chronicle.com/blogPost/Electronic-Literature/23991/ )

To populate our collections, ELD editors are seeking additional resources. While we have a number of people from the community submitting and writing entries about works of electronic literature on the ELD, we suspect that there are still many projects to discover. We also suspect that syllabi from scholars and artists teaching e-lit will offer a range of works worth highlighting in the Directory. For the e-lit resources section, we wish to offer our audience contextual, theoretical, and critical scholarly writing. Assigned class readings registered in your syllabi may help us identify projects worthy of consideration and inclusion.

Your data will be treated confidentially and will be used solely for the purpose of populating the ELD. Like all materials on the ELD, this information will be protected by our Creative Commons license and marked with the Creative Commons logo.

Please send syllabi and potential works to
Patricia Tomaszek,

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we’d be glad to provide further details.

Joseph Tabbi
Project Director, Department of English, University of Illinois at Chicago

Davin Heckman
Editorial Director, Associate Professor, English/Communications, Siena
Heights University

Patricia Tomaszek,
Research Assistant, Media Upheavals, University of Siegen