Dreaming Methods Resource Pack #1 now available

Dreaming Methods have now released their first Resource Pack which is available to buy via Paypal for £20.

Featuring the Flash source code of Capped, The Rut and Floppy, this digital download pack reveals how Dreaming Methods projects are assembled and contains a 9 page hints and tips document ‘Dream Building’ – highly useful for anyone wanting to produce similarly atmospheric and complex digital fiction.

The Capped source code includes all of the original graphics files, compressed Flash video sequences and raw prose originally written for the piece, plus additional 3D renders and artwork of the alien machines that appear in the work. There are also 7 bonus source files – from an imaginary ocean to the basics of an atmospheric, mouse-responsive interface.

The graphics, material and source code in the Pack can be freely used or adapted for use in your own creations.