DIY Speaker Workshop – London, 15 June 2013, 10am – 1pm

Do you love sound? Have you ever wanted to know more about it?

Join us for a workshop with our new and improved DIY Speaker kit!! Where we teach you how to solder an amplifier and then attach it to a pair of exciters which transform almost any material into a speaker. Work with our resident expert sound engineer who has many years of speaker making experience to understand the best way to get the best audio response from your own hand made speakers.

Join a group of like minded soon to be tinkerers, hackers and makers during this easy and fun workshop. Learn the art of soldering, begin to understand the electronic components that make up most of the technology in our lives and make something audibly creative!

This workshop includes all the components, tools and instruction you need to build your own speakers. The experience lasts 3 hours and includes a coffee and croissant from the wonderful Rough Trade Cafe.

Want to see other people’s DIY Speaker experiences? Check this out:

DIY Speaker Demo from Daniel Hirschmann on Vimeo.