Dislocate 07, Tokyo – deadline 7 May 2007

Call for Submissions
Dislocate 07 – Exhibition and Symposium – Tokyo
23rd July – 5th August
Ginza Art Laboratory
Deadline for proposals 7th May

A mesh of infinite connections engulfs the very point at which we stand, longitude and latitude weave in and out, an entanglement in which our coordinates constantly shift and each footstep is one of endless displacement. Fibres of technology cocoon us in indeterminate spaces, layer our realities and transport us to elsewhere.

Enveloped in our personal technologies, we are able to escape the limitations of our surroundings, but when we emerge from our enclosure do we know where we are?

2006 saw the launch of Dislocate a project exploring the relationship between art, technology and our locality.

This year the events will focus on our ability to reconnect with our location, seeking to explore, question and debate how can technology be used to heighten our engagement with our surroundings instead of isolating us from our immediate space. When numerous places converge in one site, how do we navigate such space? How does our interaction within a given space formulate identity and how can this be communicated effectively to elsewhere?

Dislocate aims to explore the potential new media has to increase our awareness of our environment, enhance participation in our locality and community and transform our perceptions of the space we inhabit.

Does new media enable us to plug into our locality, or is disconnection inevitable? As mobile and wireless technologies increasingly enable us to transcend space, our electrical roots are dug up, but are the roots which bind us with a place also cut?

Dislocate will call into question the necessity of an intermediary to our immediate surroundings, asking if mediation is a means of connecting or distancing, an expansion or an obstruction?

Dislocate offers the space to investigate the creative and social potential of new media to engage us with our direct locality and to ask what is the importance of where we are now?

Ginza Art Laboratory 7-3-6 Ginza Chuo-ku BTokyo 104 0061
Koiwa Project Space 7-2-7 Minami-Koiwa Edogawa-ku Tokyo 133-0056

Taking place over two sites, of contrasting locality, this exhibition aims to present a particular relationship to its surroundings, revealing new perspectives of our immediate space, engaging with and investigating this site while also fusing with spaces beyond.

Works will include:
Installation, image, video, audio, performance, locative, mobile, interactive and web-based media and more

Dislocate is particularly interested in presenting works which extend beyond the gallery space.

Dislocate presents an international symposium with confirmed delegates from UK, Germany, Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Japan further contributing to the discourse surrounding the interplay of art, technology and location.

Artists and researchers will have the opportunity to present their recent projects but will be encouraged to relate this to a wider context and engage in a critical debate, relating their own perspectives on these issues.

Discussion and dialogue between all participants, both speakers and audience is key to this event.

This symposium aims to explore what is meant by locality, how does new media impact upon our notion of space, our interaction with our surroundings, and how this can be used to transform communities, both virtual and physical. The conflicts and integrations which emerge as separate spaces collide in one site will be examined raising concerns of homogenization and de-contextualisation alongside the awareness of local identity and culture. This will include a scrutinization of sensitive, meaningful exchange between different localities facilitated through new media and the manifestations which reconnection or further connection with our environment can take.

In a series of workshops to be held through these events artists will have the opportunity to present concepts and products to the public and investigate with them in an active form of research and collaboration. The focus of these workshops will be upon the exploration of the surrounding environment, investigating its many layers and connections with other spaces. Workshops will enable direct participation and engagement with the locality and may also draw attention to our simultaneous interaction with elsewhere.

How to submit
If you are interested to participate in any of the above events please send proposals to:
Ginza Art Lab
7-3-6 Ginza Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104 0061

Deadline is 7th May

Please state clearly in your application –
Phone Number:
Email address:
Project Title:
Outline of Project:
Technical Requirements:
*moving image works should be sent in mini DV format or avi data DVD format.

Please note we will not be able to support travel and accommodation costs.

Please contact mailto: with any further enquiries

Dislocate is supported by The Asia-Europe Foundation www.asef.org and The Sasakawa Foundation www.gbsf.org.uk