Digital Broadway Rock/Paper/Scissors – Nottingham, 16-17 January 2008

R.P.S. (Reaux Sham Beaux)

As part of the Digital Broadway Programme 2008, Graham Elstone has been commissioned to produce a piece of video art for the Glass Screens on the front of Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham. The proposal he has made is to re-create an ongoing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, played by two large hands that confront each other and ‘do battle’ on the two projection surfaces, see the above illustration as an example.

We would like to invite all interested parties to become involved in the project by coming to the Studio at Broadway next Wednesday or Thursday (16th and 17th January), between 10.30 and 4.30, to take part in the filming process by playing the game and being filmed, hands and bit of arm only, the footage will then be edited and become part of the projected work, which opens on the 1st February.

The filming shouldn’t take too long, 15 – 20 minutes, so hopefully you can become part of this artwork!

R.P.S. is now an internationally competed event with a World Championship, sponsored by Bud, each year in Canada. We hope to create a week of activity to run alongside the theme of R.P.S. including a showing of a documentary film about the World Championships, and perhaps Nottingham’s first mini tournament.

We look forward to seeing you for the filming and at future events.

Graham Elstone

graham [at]