Digital Broadway commissions – deadline 1 August 2007

DIGITAL BROADWAY is now seeking applications to its DIGITAL COMMISSIONS.

Broadway Cinema and Media Centre Nottingham has launched DIGITAL BROADWAY, its new exhibition programme of digital art and moving image. Broadway now has 4 distinct areas to exhibit moving image artwork within the building:

The Glass Screen – Large scale projections on the glazed front of the building. Viewable from the street and inside the Mezzanine bar.

The Bar Screen – large projections in the popular ground floor cafe bar space.

The Small Screens – an LCD screen network located around the building.

Cinema Screen – Monthly screenings of artists’ film and video (last Tuesday each month)

We are looking to commission exclusive art work for Broadway’s Bar Screen and Glass Screen.

6 x Glass Screen commissions at £1000 each. The work will be shown for six weeks.

8 x Bar Screen commissions at £500 each. The work will be shown for four weeks.

These commissions are possible with the assistance of Arts Council England funding.

We are also looking to curate a wide range of new and existing artists’ film and video, short films and networked art works on the Small Screens and welcome your submissions Cinema Screen.

DIGITAL BROADWAY’s visual direction is ambitious and iconic and we are interested in work that goes beyond the cinema screen, animates the widely used public building and creates links between the cinema, moving image and digital art.

Please visit the Broadway website for more:

You are open to apply for more one than one Call for Entries separately, but can only be selected for one.

Deadline: 1 August 2007