Digital Broadway Artist Talk with Nicky Peacock – Nottingham, 19 October 2007, 6.30pm

Digital Broadway Artist Talk with Nicky Peacock

Broadway, Studio

Nicky Peacock will hold a presentation about her work and her commission for Digital Broadway’s Bar Screen.


MON 1 – WED 31 OCT

Goings On is a study of uncanny, curious and downright sinister occurrences affecting ordinary people in ordinary homes.

The investigation, conducted by a mythical housewife, sets out to document evidence of the playful poltergeists, possessed pre-teens and provincial witches inhabiting England’s green and pleasant land.

Nicky Peacock is a story teller; part hermit, part suburban explorer.

Digital Broadway have commissioned Nicky to produce a collection of photographic images to haunt the Bar Screen throughout the month of October.

Nicky is a visual artist and writer with a background in punk rock and chronic tonsillitis. Nicky’s photography work has been exhibited and published nationwide.

She is currently working as a designer on an animated feature film, producing an illustrated journal and is the artist-in-residence for implausibly dreamy fashion magazine Lula.