Digital Art and Culture 2009, University of California Irvine – Call for Electronic Literary Arts Performances – deadline 15 May 2009

Call for Artists for the Electronic Literary Arts Performances for DAC 2009

We are seeking the widest variety of digital-born literary works for a 90-minute extravaganza. Each performance is limited to 5-7 minutes and should take the form of interactive engagement with the audience and dramatic presentations of creative digital-born works. Proposals (200-300 words) should include the title and a short description of the work (including any links to your material), a plan for presentation, technology requirements, and a short (50 words) bio for each participant. Available technology will be audio, projector, and wifi. Please email Jessica Pressman (Yale University) and Mark Marino (University of Southern California) [Subject: DAC Literary Arts] at DAC09LitArts [at] with your proposals for first-round selections by May 15, 2009.

About DAC09

Saturday 12 Dec 2009 (evening) – Tuesday 15 Dec

Digital Art and Culture 2009 is the 8th in an international series of conferences begun in 1998. DAC is recognized as an interdisciplinary event of high intellectual caliber.

This iteration of DAC will dwell on the specificities of embodiment and cultural, social and physical location with respect to digital technologies and networked communications.

DAC09 will be structured around themes, each theme being composed of panels. DAC09 will be held in the Arts Plaza of the University of California Irvine. Simon Penny is director of DAC09.