Desideratum – deadline 23 July 2007

Desideratum De*sid`e*ra”tum, n.
Deep, unfufilled longing. Yearning. Desire without hope
Anything desired; that of which the lack is felt; a want generally felt and acknowledged.

Open call for art in any and all media dealing with this state(s)

Desideratum curator and Gallery Aferro co-founder Evone Davis once traveled to New Orleans. Walking to the end of Desire street, she found a large, empty warehouse, water. Where is the end of desire now?

There is none.

Submissions due July 23. Notification by August 8. Delivery by August 22.

Desiderium will be on display at Gallery Aferro, Newark NJ, September 2007

Please refer to exhbition guidelines on website

Please email work to
or mail work to Evonne Davis Gallery Aferro 248 sherman ave #43 NY NY 10034

The mission of Gallery Aferro is to bring cultural education and esthetic engagement with contemporary issues to all people equally, and to create an environment where artists can gather and share physical and intellectual resources. We are working towards an arts community that is available to everyone, without sacrificing standards or quality of experience. Founded in a converted factory building in the Ironbound, Gallery Aferro was planned as a pilot project to be recreated in different architectural forms, in multiple American cities. Gallery Aferro is currently being run out of a 20,000 sq ft building in downtown Newark.

(Artist Brent Hoff once staged a game of beach volleyball between passerbys, using the US-Mexico barrier as a net. Players could shout to, but not see each other. No changing sides allowed.)