Dark Mountain Project open curation event – London, 27 November 2009, 12-3pm

Join the Open Curation event: 12-3pm Friday 27th November ‘09 to decide how to best display all submissions and entries at HTTP Gallery. Join us at the gallery or online by webcam, instant messaging and Skype.
To learn how visit http://http.uk.net/diwodarkmountain

Follow the blog http://http.uk.net/diwodarkmountain where Dark Mountaineer, Dougald Hine will be your guide to the emerging landscape of email and snailmail exchanges.

About The Dark Mountain Project

We live in a time of social, economic and ecological unravelling. All around us are signs that our whole way of living is already passing into history.- Uncivilisation, The Dark Mountain Manifesto.

The Dark Mountain Project is ‘a new cultural movement for an age of global disruption.’ It aims to ‘question the stories that underpin our failing civilisation, to craft new ones for the age ahead and to write clearly and honestly about our true place in the world.’ Do It With Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountainis a cultural collaboration for this age. “Uncivilisation,” the Dark Mountain Manifesto, calls for a cultural response to our current predicament. Its challenge is offered to network-minded artists, technologists, writers and activists as a provocation – to work together to re-envision the narratives and infrastructures that govern our relationships with the natural world, and how they might be unravelled and rewoven to reconfigure our place in it. As “Uncivilisation” concludes, ‘The end of the world as we know it is not the end of the world full stop.’

Artists, technologists, writers, activists and all other living beings are invited to correspond with each other across physical and digital mail networks. Transmissions and missives may take the form of texts, images, sound, net movies, objects, software programmes and instructions and will be assembled for an exhibition of all submissions offering new myths and maps for future uncivilisation at HTTP Gallery.

Do It With Others at the Dark Mountain is a collaborative project by Furtherfield.org and The Dark Mountain Project.

Do you want to Do It With Others at the Dark Mountain?

E-Mail: go to http://netbehaviour.org, subscribe to the NetBehaviour email list, correspond and join the explosive discussions in image, text, sound, movie and code.

Mail via Royal Mail: working with, or around, striking mail-workers, send chain letters, circular interviews, or invent some rules for Royal Mail object relay.

All submissions should arrive at HTTP Gallery by Thursday 26th November addressed to

DIWO, HTTP Gallery,
Unit A2, Arena Design Centre,
71, Ashfield Road,
London, N4 1NY
England, UK

Other Important dates

Attend the Open Disassembly Event: 7-9pm Full Moon, 30th January ‘10
Assemble at HTTP Gallery for the closing event to help us disassemble the display and to choose the work you would like to take home with you.

Private View 7-9pm Full Moon, Wednesday 2nd December ‘09
Gallery Open
12-5pm, Friday-Sunday, 4th-12th December 2009, 8th-30th January 2010
This is the second Do It With Others (DIWO) E-Mail-Art project initiated by Furtherfield.org. The first DIWO experiment in 2007 extended the Do-It-Yourself ethos of early net art, characterised by curiosity, activism and precision, towards a more collaborative approach, using the Internet as an experimental artistic medium and distribution system to foment grass-roots creativity.

More about The Dark Mountain Project and Furtherfield.org

The Dark Mountain Project is curated by Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine. http://www.dark-mountain.net/

Paul is the author of One No, Many Yeses and Real England. He was deputy editor of The Ecologist between 1999 and 2001. His first poetry collection, Kidland, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry. http://www.paulkingsnorth.net

Dougald writes the blog “Changing the World (and other excuses for not getting a proper job).” He is a former BBC journalist and co-founder of the School of Everything, and has written for and edited various online and offline magazines. http://www.dougald.co.uk

This project is part of Furtherfield.org’s three-year programme, which aims to provide opportunities for critical debate, exchange and participation in emerging ecological media art practices, and the theoretical, political and social contexts they engage.

HTTP Gallery is Furtherfield.org’s dedicated space for media art. Furtherfield.org provides platforms for creating, viewing, discussing and learning about experimental practices in art and technology. Furtherfield.org and HTTP Gallery are supported by Arts Council England, London.

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