Danja Vasiliev – Artist in Residence at Furtherfield’s HTTP Gallery, London, UK

Danja (http://k0a1a.net/) has been in residence here since March 1st and leaves on 9 April 2010.

Russian born computer artist currently living between Berlin and Rotterdam. Working with diverse methods, technologies and materials Danja ridicules the contemporary affection for digital life and questions the global tendency for cyborgination.

During his Residency at HTTP, Furtherfield.org’s Gallery and lab space. Danja will is working on his ‘Netless’ project (http://k0a1a.net/netless/). Netless is an attempt to create a new network, alternative to the internet. More precisely – networks within existing city infrastructures, possibly interconnected into a larger network alike the internet. Netless is not dependent on specialized data carriers such as cables or regulated radio channels. In fact, there is no permanent connection between all of its hosts (peers) at all – it is net-less.

For information about Danja’s work and residency at HTTP, visit here:

Danja Vasiliev will also be discussing his work, on furtherfield’s new series of radio broadcasts on Tuesday April 6th 9.30pm – 10.30pm.

Also – here is a link to furtherfield’s first broadcast (mp3 download):