CubeLife by Dave Everitt – DMU Cube, Leicester, 8-30 April 2011

Fri 8 Apr – Sat 30 Apr

Artist Dave Everitt presents ‘CubeLife’ in the DMU Cube.

This interactive screen exhibition responds to a ‘hand-grip heartbeat sensor’, and it is your heartbeat that creates the on-screen 3D images and audio. What you see and hear on screen will be completely individual to you.

CubeLife began in 1999, when artist Dave Everitt and interaction designer Greg Turner created an artwork driven by a heartbeat monitor, called cubeLife, this is gradually evolving into a larger, more encompassing project.

The current version of the CubeLife artwork is based in a virtual world populated by magic cubes (one kind of magic matrix in 3 dimensions), each created by participants’ input in the exhibition space via a fingertip heartbeat sensor. Each cube has a finite life and associated sound, and inhabits an artificial life environment where it can be made to flock with other cubes or follow various defined behaviours. Colours and other variations are either be chosen by an inbuilt colour harmony system, or can be pre-programmed for particular effects.