Courtisane – Belgian video & new media festival- deadline 15 February 2008

The Belgian film and New Media festival, Courtisane is open for submissions!

Regulations / submission requirements

The selection will contain: Narrative and non-narrative short films and videos (fiction films, documentaries, experimental videos, cross over), video art (screening in loop, video installations, interactive video projects, other films and videos that need isolated screenings), new media projects.

criteria for the short film & video programme
Film / video may not exceed 60 minutes in length
A possible screening format is DV (or betacam / DVD)

criteria for installations
Length: no limitations.

requirements for all entries
Non Dutch spoken films / videos should have Dutch, French or English subtitles
Films / videos must have been completed after 2005.
Films / videos must be submitted on DVD or mini-DV, labeled with title, filmmaker, aspect ratio and running time.
Add the document send to you after submitting your film/project online.
Add a curriculum of the filmmaker.
Preview tapes are not returned, courtisane keeps the tapes in a private archive.

Courtisane contacts the directors / producers / distributors of all selected titles to obtain a projection format. After the festival, the selected works are returned (postage paid by the organisation). Publicity stills are obligatory.

about selection
The festival committee selects the titles that will be part of the festivalís programme.

All selected titles by belgian filmmakers / producers enter the competition. Any objection can be communicated to courtisane.

deadline for entries
Entries must reach us no later than FEBRUARY 15th 2008.

Entry Form

Courtisane Festival Gent/Belgium