Counterpath Press call for electronic writing – deadline 18 June 2008

Call for E-Literature, Digital Fiction, Hypertext Fiction, Sequential Text Video, Digital Poetry, E-Poetry, and other forms of Electronic Writing.

The visionary Counterpath Press announces a call for work for Counterpath Online, its digital publishing venue. There is no specific theme, but all work must utilize digital tools to create interactive, moving, responsive, generative or playful creations.

Text only works or documentations of work are not being considered for this issue.

All artworks will be peer-reviewed/juried and the issue will be promoted extensively.

Counterpath Press Online:

Please send submissions to Jason Nelson (Guest Editor) as soon as possible. Works that are submitted earlier will be given special consideration (we will ruminate on its beauty and power for much, much longer).
E-Mail: elitpath [at]

The final deadline is June 18th 2008.

All work must be accompanied by the following:

1. Description of the work (300 wds.)
2. Artist bio written as a small absurd story (300 wds.)
3. Screen Shot (approx. 300×300, saved as jpeg)

Those authors/artists chosen will be asked to participate in a brief interview regarding their creations. In addition, authors/artists will be asked to write brief reviews (200 words) of another chosen authors/artists work.

Counterpath Press is committed to publishing and supporting intellectually rigorous work of the highest quality, with the highest production values. It is committed to publishing poetry, fiction, drama, cross-genre work, literary and cultural theory and criticism, translations, reprints of out-of-print and hard-to-find titles, as well as supporting a repository of high-quality work through internet publication.