Consemble call for sounds – deadline 31 August 2008

• Consemble is an original, web-based Open Compositions venture launched by Chameleon Lectra on the 14th July 2007.

• A Consemble is a collection of sounds, assembled by a group of people, which are then played using random methods to create an everchanging, online listening experience.

• YOU are invited to listen to the current Open Consembles and then email your own sounds – the ones you think ought to be included in the projects – to build these online, ongoing, indeterminate PMusic compositions.

• Every contributor will be credited and the work will be available, for free, from this website. Anyone may take part – amateurs, professional composers, sound artists, non-musicians etc. – there is no age limit. You may, of course, just want to listen to the pieces as they progress.

• There are a series of project licences (Consemble: A, Consemble: B etc.) – each with its own brief and specifications to guide you; the intention however is to be broad, welcoming and inclusive. Consemble can be understood as a sound art or music project.

• Every person’s contribution is equally important – each sound adds to, and changes the direction of, the Consemble.

Please bear in mind that this work will be available for free to all, including children (so no pornographic sounds etc.) and no copyrighted material—just your own music or sounds.

• The project will be live until at least 31st August 2008 and may well continue beyond.

• Consemble is a licence to compose.

contact: consemble[at]