CologneOFF 2011 – videoart on a global tour

the initiative “art & moving images”
& Cologne International Videoart Festival

are happy to inform about the recently launched

CologneOFF 2011 – video art in a global context
nomadic festival project
1 January – 31 December 2011

designed, coordinated and directed by Agricola de Cologne.

On 1 January, CologneOFF 2011 started officially,

on 6 January the basic components of CologneOFF 2011 were launched online as the start of a one year lasting process including all videos and during the coming weeks empty space will filled with contents.

On 26 January 2011, CologneOFF 2011 starts the one year lasting travel around the globe on International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL) at the Rotterdam based space CUCOSA with the video program entitled “Attracted by the Opposite?”.

Please find the details and the list of selected artists on netMAXX – the networked magazine – where you will find the details of future selections, screenings and exhibitions.

For the next following venues in February, CologneOFF 2011 will be jumping first to Finland, i.e. Jyväskylä and Keusuu, where selections will be screened, entitled “Privat Space – Open Space?” and “Imagining the Real”, a cooperation with Live Herring 2011 Jyväskylä/Fi, and then flying cross to the Indian sub-continent to Sattal (19-21 Feb 2011i, an exciting place in the Himalaya mountains, where also this year CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity will take place, an digital art event which Agricola de Cologne is co-curating since some years thanks to its founder Sharkar Barua.

CeC will present not only the entire program of CologneOFF VI, as it was presented already past December on Delhi International Arts Festival, but also the compilations of these 5 partner curators Margarida Paiva (Norway), Alysse Stepanian (USA), Kai Lossgott (South Africa), Giogio Fedeili (Italy) & Sérgio Gomes/Pedro Almeida (Portugal).

IN March 2011, CologneOFF 2011 will be jumping back to Eastern Europe – two venues in the Ukraine, Kiev and Kharkiv – 12-20 March 2011. In Kiev, CologneOFF has two partners – the Goethe Institute Kiev and the Center of Contemporary Art Kiev

14 & 15 March, on 17, 18, 19 March the City Art Gallery of Kharkiv will be hosting CologneoFF as a festival, the programs are currently under construction. At the end of March, the Art Museum of Arad in Romania is hosting CologneOFF 2011 by organising a 3 days event.

Again all details and listed artists online can be found in time
on, as well as on netMAXX –

CologneOFF 2011 is organised online via multi screens.
The Mains Screen 1 –
offers the entire project of CologneOFF 2011 in one single application
while the additional screens display individual components separately.

Here is the list of currently available screens

Main screen 1 – CologneOFF VI

Screen 2 – interactive –
the interactive component of CologneOFF VI

Screen 3 – geographical
this monthly changing geographiocal focus is under construction, yet.

Screen 4 – solo features
from February 2011 on, each month an individual videoartist
from another country will be featured with a selection of 5 video works

Screen 5 – curatorial
will be containing all info and lists videos & artists
selected by about 40 participating curators, under construction

Screen 6 – topical
This screen is displaying from February 2011 on
each month other video selections under different topics

Screen 7 – special
This screen will feature special videos from CologneOFF VI
and the future CologneOFF VII (see also the current call for entries)

Screen 8 – contextual updates & info
This is the festival blog where all textual info can be found
the ideal pleace to keep oneself updated (English) (Deutsch)

Screen 9 – exhibition details
This screen will display the info about the programs of the
physical venues

CologneOFF 2011 has also the function to re-establish during the coming months –
Le Musee di-visionsite – the global museum of networked art –
designed and directed by Agricola de Cologne.

So, let’s start cruising around the Universe of videoart.
CologneOFF 2011 – video art in a global context
nomadic festival project
1 January – 31 December 2011

is initiated and powered by

The curatorial initiative
“art & moving images”

CologneOFF –
Cologne International Videoart Festival

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