Collaborate – Ada Lovelace Day 2010 – 24 March 2010

Collaborate – Ada Lovelace Day 2010.

It is March 24th, Ada Lovelace Day, Again!

Originally conceived by and promoted by Suw Charman-Anderson ( ) as a way of “bringing women in technology to the fore”. It succeded in motivating nearly 2000 people to publish a blog post about a woman in technology whom they admired..

This blog is now open again to anyone to contribute –

The Netbehaviour list will be holding its own media art and related practice, version. Last year we made a successful contribution to ‘Finding Ada’ collaboration, sharing our own contexts from our own communities to the larger project.

There is a limited time period of 50 hours, and it’s ticking away…

How to proceed:

Either join the Netbehaviour list –

Or add to a list or blog that have you read this post on and we will still add it :-)

What we’ll do is merge everyone’s new suggestions to an updated version of last year’s edition. Then add it to furtherfield, like we would for a review, as well as linking and adding it to the Finding Ada Blog, next the thousands of other contributions out there…

We of course add any blog or list as a peer community contributor…

How to contribute:

It’s easy – you add your own suggestions to a thread/list added by the last contributor on Netbehaviour.


Example of format:

MY NAME: Ruth Catlow



Ele Carpenter
For tech inspired and facilitated participation with Open Source Embroidery, her curatorial project exploring artists practice that explores the relationship between programming for embroidery and computing.

Auriea Harvey
For her part with Entropy8Zuper in early intimate networked performances and for Endless Forest, Tale of Tales’s bucolic social screensaver.

Mary Flanagan
For her energetic explorations as academic, educator, artist and programmer at the intersection of games, art and feminism and exploring collaborative approaches to thinking about values.

Exactly or similar as above.

looking forward to seeing who collaborates. Add you suggestions RE: this post…