chyphertext_performance @ E-Poetry 2007, 23 May 2007, 22-23:00 CEST

chyphertext_performance @ e-poetry 2007

EVENT: Chyphertext Performance
TAGS: networked writing performance
AUTHOR: Bjørn Magnhildøen/noemata
TIME: May 23, around 22h – 23h (CEST)
OFFLINE: Le Cube, Paris –

This is an networked writing performance that consists of a hybrid of human/machinated real-time writing and reading. The writing is performed by
1) plain computer keyboard writing,
2) server-based machinated, algorithmic writing,
3) interactions from from readers online,
4) text feeds from the processes surrounding the writing (like system monitoring, net connection monitoring, ftp logging, website hit statistics logs, etc),
5) data transformation – the writing is transcribed into streaming music as midi-event, and the images are transcribed as text/code and then into music.

All this semi real-time, the lag can be some seconds from input to output. The format of the writing is plaintext, ciphertext/code, and hypertext. For convenience the performance is streamed over the web in a regular browser. The piece is made especially for the e-Poetry 2007 festival.

Both these chyphertext- and plaintext performance pieces are parts of a project called ‘protocol performance’ that i will be doing from remote through 2007. Protocol performance and then Chyphertext Performance is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, Art and Digital Technology. Also thanks to Atelier Nord for hosting noemata and the event on the server.
– Bjørn


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