Christiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) – deadline now until 1 November 2008

For the timespan from now and till the 1st of November 2008 we now welcome applications for a residency at the CRIR. In general we grant stays of 2-3 weeks at a time unless the specific project needs a different time frame. We consider applications on a running basis, so the sooner we receive it the better

About CRIR
Christiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) offers residency for artists and academic researchers with a specific interest in Christiania as a field of study.

The aim of the Christiania Researcher in Residence project is to involve artists, researchers and academics in an open, critical and
reflective dialogue around the free town Christiania in Copenhagen, and to feed new creative and critical thinking into the public realm.

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How to apply: