Call for art-science projects: antiAtlas, coding and decoding borders at the dawn of the 21st century – deadline deadline 15 January 2016

_CODING AND DECODING BORDERS AT THE DAWN OF THE 21ST CENTURY_ is an event encompassing art, research and practice. Combining an exhibition and an international conference, it will host researchers, artists and experts who will discuss the growing technologization of controls of persons, goods or capital which cross borders.

IOCT Salon (video): The Future of Language, 28th February 2007

New technologies have had a major influence on the way we communicate and use language today: punctuation and capital letters are being dropped in favour of emoticons, letter-number homophones and acronyms. But are email, instant messaging and mobile text messaging degrading the language? This question surfaces in debates among writers, language professionals and academics, as well as among parents and their children.