Catalyst Award 2011 – deadline 30 November 2011 #artopps

The nomination is open to everyone and is until November 30, 12pm.
The Catalyst Award consists of a prize of HUF 500,000 per project, and a prize designed by an artist.
The award ceremony: December 5, 2011, FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture

Please find here more information about the nomination and jury members:

This year, for the second time, the Catalyst Award, founded by tranzit. hu, will be handed out.

The award is given to individuals, projects, and initiatives which, directly or indirectly, have an impact on the contemporary art scene – they contribute to the presentation, discussion and mediation of art with their progressive approach of form or substance. The award equally recognises progressive initiatives without institutional background or support, as well as initiatives emerging within an institutional framework.

The goal of the Catalyst Award is to enhance the appreciation, and its collective character, of inspiring artistic initiatives.

In 2011, the founder invites nominations for the Catalyst Award in two categories:
1. motor (initiatives which have been active for a long time, but function, or functioned, as a catalyst);
2. novelty (initiatives of the recent past which are considered to be catalysts).