Call for works – cream city review i0

cream city review has published groundbreaking fiction, poetry, and graphic art for more than 40 years. In 2015 the editors introduced a new feature called i0, a forum for hybrid works that make equally significant use of the printed page and the digital screen. So far i0 has featured pieces by Josephine Anstey, Deena Larsen, Jody Zellen, Nick Montfort, Jason Nelson, and John Cayley.

To further explore this hybrid space, ccr’s editors now extend the call to print projects that proceed in some non-trivial way from existing digital works. You may remember Megan Sapnar and Ingrid Ankerson’s Poems That Go, which began by creating digital evocations of existing print poems. In some ways our project is an inverse or complement of that work – poems (among other things) that go the other way, from screen to page.

Since our aim is experimental, we can’t say exactly what this formula implies. We are probably not after representations of digital work in screenshots, transcripts, or walk-throughs, though such materials might serve as take-off points for something else. By itself, source code would probably not suffice, though artful annotations of code might qualify. We may be less inclined toward conventional artist statements, reflections, or memoirs, than to writings that work slantwise across those genres. We would be interested in writings inspired by, or in some interestingly tangential relation to, a prior digital creation.

We will say only that the work – verse, prose, image – must be of appropriate scope for a subdivision of an issue: ideally under 2500 words or 10 pages. We invite your inquiries and overtures, which can be sent either to Stuart Moulthrop (moulthro [at] or Allain Daigle (amdaigle [at]

Of course, ccr continues to welcome submission of original hybrid work for page and screen, without prior digital publication. Please feel free to tell friends, colleagues, and students about i0 and this expanded invitation.

Stuart Moulthrop
Allain Daigle