Call for submissions: SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Art Gallery, ‘Mind and Body Dualism’ – deadline 1 June 2017

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Art Gallery proposes the idea of “Mind-Body Dualism” to explore the concept of “mind” and “body” in new media art. Originating from Descartes’ thesis of “mind-body dualism,” in which he questions if the mind and body are really distinct from one another, the mind-body question of today can be extended to a similar discussion encompassing “Mind-Body-Machine.” With advanced technology, machines today are capable of learning, generating thought- like patterns, supporting physical bodies, problem solving, and discovering new solutions, all while functioning either independently or collectively as part of a larger system. What does it mean when we let our minds wander in a virtual reality world? How do we render our body movements and gestures to allow machines to learn our behaviors? What happens when we trust algorithms to make decisions about what we see, hear, and feel? How can we best utilize the relationship between human and machine “minds and bodies” to enhance human capabilities?

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Art Gallery invites artists to join the discussion of mind-body- machine causal interaction. We welcome submissions of completed creative works that address, explore, or critique these concepts, to be considered for SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 in Bangkok. The Art Gallery, associated artist talks, and further discussions are expected to stimulate a broader conversation among participants of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 conference.