Cordite Poetry Review

Call for submissions: Cordite 84: UNPRINTABLE – a digital poetry issue of Cordite Poetry Review

We are looking for digital writing that is any combination of visual, variable, playful, political, procedural, conceptual, computational or performative. Please don’t take our title too literally. We are also interested in #NaNoGenMo computer-generated prose, code poetry, poetics inflected with the syntax and grammar of code languages, source code works and JavaScripts for live performance … so long as it’s clearly contextualised, compelling and browser-based.

We are open to works in any language, but these must be accompanied by a description in English. Tell us what you’re up to, we really want to know.

Submission to this issue will close at 11.59pm Melbourne time on Sunday, 27 August, 2017.

For more information and to submit, please visit: