Call for papers – Media Art in Media Education – deadline 15 May 2014


MEDIENIMPULSE is a quarterly, peer-reviewed open-access online journal on media education publishing German and English language contributions.

Please send 300-word abstracts and enquiries to Wolfgang Suetzl at by 10 March 2014. Full papers of max. 25000 characters due by 15 May 2014

Date of publication 21 June 2014

Special focus: The Potential of Media art in Media Education

The development of media technologies has long met with the interest of media educationalists. Media art offers a wide range of possibilities of experimentation, critical reflection, and communication in educational settings. This edition of MEDIENIMPULSE is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of this area of research.

One question artists have been pursuing is how media help create new structures and communicative processes in society. On the one hand, media art itself is facing a paradox of communication, often working with digital technologies while not benefitting from large digital audiences. Additionally, possibilities of communicating about media art in a text-based fashion are often limited. On the other hand, media artists have adopted progressive positions in debates on media technologies in understanding media art as intervention and questioning, and, not least of all, as a deconstruction of media themselves.

Against this background, digital media art has created non-commercialized discursive openings for education, critical reflection, subversive media use, innovation, and resistance. The contributions to this issue of MEDIENIMPULSE concern the interrelations between media art and media education, and their particular relevance to the practical and theoretical challenges in media education.