Call: Hex Pixel Gallery Is In Need Of Digital Artists! – deadline 31 July 2012 #artopps

Hex Pixel Gallery Is In Need Of Digital Artists!

The HEX Pixel Gallery in KCMO, USA is looking for artists to showcase in our monthly digital art opening. We have had three openings so far with a huge turnout and are looking forward to keeping the momentum going with more and more shows. The response from the Rhizome community has been outstanding!

To see some photos of our previous shows please check out our Facebook page:

About HEX:
____We feature the work of one or more artists for one evening on the first friday of every month, which are huge occasions here in Kansas City.
____Our space has 3 large 1080p projectors, media drives, computers and access to a lot of other stuff we can set up that we can use to play back video or interactive art. We are making a point to have no printed collateral of any kind. We’ll be mounting iPads around the space to allow people to read more information about the artist. All publicity and signage in the space is digital.
___If you are interested in showing at HEX Pixel Gallery please send a CV and/or artist statement and links to a few pieces of your work to

___Things to consider when applying:
1. HEX is heavily focused on high resolution digital work, so please know that HEX prefers HD content over SD, especially for single channel video work. This also means that we do not show still artwork.
2. HEX is only open one day a month, so interactive or installation work needs to be temporary and able to be quickly installed and uninstalled.
3. HEX thinks your haircut is great! Where did you get it done?
__________Love HEX.


HEX Pixel Gallery
1906 Wyandotte
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
United States of America