Call for gif art – Transnumériques #Awards 2015 – deadline 1 March 2015

The Transnumériques Awards 2015 will especially focussed on the “GIF” format (animated). The artworks will therefore only use this format. No registration fee is required.

For all artworks received for each call, an international jury will select a maximum of 5 awarded works by exhibition. Other works will also be selected to be exhibited along with the laureates. All works submitted will be online, on a special page of the Website.

Any additional information and conditions are detailed in the regulations (below).


3 separate works maximum per participant per exhibition.

If required and valid for the project, a work may take the form of a series of GIFs (single file) presented together (diptych, triptych…), but each file should be send separately (not all together in an html page for example).


The artwork must be a unique GIF file (Graphics Interchange Format) or, in the case of a “series” a unique set of files.

The submitted artwork may be a new creation, an adaptation or a new version of an earlier work.

For the ARTour event, the artworks will be inspired by the theme of the Biennale: Homo Faber.

For the festivals Videoformes and Transnumériques (Mons2015), no particular theme, but will be preferred artworks which take a critical regard at our societies; question our relationships with others, the media, the information society, the news…; question the notions of Net Art, creativity on/of the Web… or provide a particularly poetic look or another artistic singularity…

Technical Criteria

Good resolution (the GIFs art works will be projected on large screen)

For projects with a series of works, precise presentation plan is required.

Financial conditions/distribution

The winners will receive 300 euros per work / project.

There is no budget for travelling or welcoming participants.

A series of works selected by the jury will also be an exhibition in the various events above mentioned.

All selected artists will benefit from visibility and communication / marketing via different networks and media associated with Transcultures and its partners.

The selected artists will be notified by email in the days following the deadline.

All entries that meet the selection criteria will be displayed (with the prior consent of the artist) on platform, even if they are not winning.


1. The response to this call can only be made by filling the form online at: (password: In responding to this call, the participant declares to have read and agrees with all points of this Regulation.

2. Background
2.1. The Transnumeriques Awards 2015 are specifically dedicated to the “Gif” format.
2.2. The call for Transnumeriques Awards 2015 includes three possible submissions related to minimum 3 events/exhibitions separate during the year:
2.2.1. The festival Vidéoformes
the deadline 01/03/2015
exhibition between 19> 03/21/2015
2.2.2. ARTour Biennial Contemporary Art and Heritage – Homo Faber
deadline 04/01/2015
exhibition between 26-6 and 30-08-2015
2.2.3. The Transnumériques under Mons 2015
the deadline 01/10/2015
exhibition between 27/10 and 12/12/2015
2.3. Additional exhibitions may occur in the course of 2015 if there are opportunities. The artists involved will be contacted by mail for approval.

3. Participation
3.1. No registration fee and no geographical restriction
3.2. Any adults can answer the call
3.3. Participation can come from a single person or group
3.4. To submit his work, the designer can use his real name or artist name.
3.5. A maximum of two works by submission (deadline).
3.6. Each participant (one person or one person in a group) can apply only once per call. The participant can apply to several calls, but the same work can be presented only one of the three calls.
3.7. If an artist (1 person or 1 group) with several well-established pseudonyms has sets of clearly identified creations, he can apply once a call in each of his pseudonyms.

4. Works
4.1. The participant certifies the paternity and the rights of the works he submits.
4.2. 1 file in GIF equals to 1 artwork. Maximum 3 works by submission.
4.3. Several separate files in GIF format are accepted if the creator considers they are part of a single work (multiptyque)
4.4. For the call to ARTour project, only works dealing with the theme “Homo Faber” , for the jury, can be winners and / or exposed (a short text explaining the approach can be attached to the work). No theme is imposed for other calls.
4.5. To simplify the implementation of the exhibition, works must be distributed on different screen sizes. A specific distribution defined by the creator is possible if it is justified.
4.6. There is no maximum size to the work, but the projection will depend on the exhibition reception areas.

5. Exposure
5.1. Exhibitions will take place in the context and with the means put at disposal by hosting events.
5.2. According to the various locations, works will be broadcasted by video projector or TV monitor.
5.3. The final Transnumériques exhibition will have all the winners again and a selection of works received during the various calls.
5.4. An online website will take over all the works received in order of their receptions.
5.5. Additional expositions may be added as part of Mons2015 European Capital of Culture.

6. Selection and jury
6.1. The jury will consist of a panel of actors from contemporary arts scene, visual and digital art, net art … They will be overseen by the team of Transcultures. Their names and positions will be publicly available on the websites of the organizers and partners.
6.2. Selection will be chosen by majority vote in one or more rounds. The jury members will have access to all works and will make their choice individually via an online form. Each work will be graded from 1 to 10. The Transcultures team will have to decide between potential wroks placed equal and give a definitive opinion after the introduction of each exposure.
6.3. As for previous years, the jury will also propose the participation of a work or an artist who did not answer the call.
6.4. There will be between 3 and 5 winners by call + selected works deemed worthwhile and to be exhibited alongside the winners.
6.5. The artists whose works will be selected will be notified by email within days of the deadline and a statement will be visible on the website (s) (s) Transcultures.
6.6. The final decisions of the jury are irrevocably.

7. Prices
7.1. The winners will receive an amount of 300 euros for each selected works
7.2. An agreement will be signed between the winner and Transcultures.
7.3. Payment will be made only via bank transfer upon reception of a supporting document (invoice).

8. Communication
8.1. All selected artists will receive a communication through various media and networks associated with Transcultures and partners.
8.2. All participants will benefit from an online presence via Transcultures sites.

9. rights and broadcast
9.1. The authors assign their rights during and within the strict framework of Transnumériques Awards 2015 Project.
9.2. Slected works (or part of works) may be used in a promotional framework for the event and the overall project, in any form of media: catalog, program, invitation, print, Internet and television.
9.3. Every work selected will be the subject of presentations at events in Belgium, France or abroad, for which the author, or the beneficiary, will be consulted and will give his consent.
9.4. Any winning work will integrate the Digital Archive of Transcultures and may be communicated in connection with the Transnumériques Awards in a promotional purpose only.
9.5. Any other type of transmission shall be subject to prior agreement with the artist.

10. Miscellaneous
10.1. Authorship generally imposes obvious (previous works, techniques etc.). However, if the jury has a doubt about the authorship of a work, the participant may be asked for some additional information to ensure that he is the very author of the work he has submitted.
10.2. A participant may at any time decide to withdraw from the project without having to justify it. The participant will just have to send an email to Transcultures team in order to withdraw his work from the competition or exhibition.
10.3. The winners agree on being quoted in any communication of the work that it was the winner (or selected by winners) of Transnumériques Awards 2015, with a link to the address