Call for works – Let’s Save the World !? – deadline 1 September 2011

2011 was the year when people all over the world became aware again how vunerable nature, but also the human species are.

Especially, the disasters in Japan – earthquake/tsunami and nuclear – were causing countless human tragedies making all of us clear, neither nature nor technology can be controlled by humans.

But these desasters stand in a long row of phenomenons with increasing negative effects on the enviroments we humans are living in, like global climate warming, global migrating, misuse of natural resources etc, and there is the real danger that our living sources are already destroyed before we actually are ready to react.

Let’s Save the World!? – is the theme of a special selection to be made in the framework of the nomadic festival project “CologneOFF 2011/2012 – videoart in a global context”
which is not only appealing to work actively for the survival of our blue planet, but dealing with the questions what can be done to save the world and how can it be done, with environmental issues & substainability, social & global responsibility and much more.

Artists working with “moving images” are invited to deal with all these and many more questions in their experimental films and videoart, to contribute and submit to this call by using the entry form on –

Deadline: 1 September 2011