Call for works – Bunk Magazine eCard Issue – deadline 1 May 2011

CFW: Bunk Magazine: eCard Issue (May 1)

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a Flash-animated eCard hurriedly sent in the waning moments of your loved one’s birthday, bar mitzvah, or sobriety anniversary except perhaps a midnight post on their Facebook wall.

Call for works for the Bunk Magazine eCard Spectacular.
Send us your eCard, your eCard generators, and ways to monetize them.

Deadline: May 1 for web-ready works.

Play with Smile Box to create your own. Or use whatever tools are at your disposal: Flash, PowerPoint, TaxCut.

Create them around any occasion: birthdays, terminal illness, bankrupcies…
The editor would appreciate only personal eCards that feature Hoops and Yoyo.

Bunk Magazine is an online new media satire zine. Our latest issue is a Mash-up with Mad Hatters Review. See also our Los Wikiless Timespedia issue.
(The editor’s birthday is December 5th.)
contact: mark c marino at g mail and you know the rest.