Call for works – ‘Autonomies’ Exhibition, Serbia – deadline 1 June 2013

Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – Napon
from 3rd until 22nd October 2013
Novi Sad

Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – Napon, is looking for works by arts practitioners and others for exhibition “Autonomies”, that will be held from 3rd until 22nd October 2013 at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad. The exhibition is a part of Techno-ecologies.

Exhibition concept:

Machine intelligence has been a part of the human imaginarium for more than a century, and the approach to the subject matter is inevitably marked by sci-fi utopian/dystopian scenarios with automatised societies of our near future. The efforts to make machines more independent from the environment, with the possibility of independent action in relation to man, have produced an increase in efficiency, human emancipation from alienating serial production (manufacturing, or later fordist), technological unemployment, and entirely new areas of ecological risks.

Technological development based on machine autonomy produced enthusiasm and fears, it is an emotional and theoretical battleground that endures to the present day. In parallel with these technical challenges, there is questioning of the independence of the autonomic system, its ethical position towards human, and its capacity to learn and improve. Regarding the relationship between society and technology, the concept of autonomy is most easily defined as a certain type of independence from management and, ultimately, independence from control. Transferring some crucial social, cognitive, and biological processes to machine intelligence resulted in evident concerns for many people that such a scenario could take away the human decision making processes which once defined him/her as a social being.

Areas of interest: machine autonomy / monitoring of public and institutional sector / technological unemployment / robotic arms race / machinic capitalism / technopolitcs / Finance Automation / High-frequency trading / automation systems in decision making / sociotechnological knowledge production / technoecology / Energy autonomy / practices and economies of sustainable technology / alternative economy

Project is supported by EU and Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Project partners are: RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture (Latvia); Baltan Laboratories (Netherlands); Ars Longa (France); The Finnish Society BioArt (Finland).

Application form sent to – in subject field write ‘for artist call’

Application form can be download here: Application form Exhibition Techno Ecologies