Call for Submissions: Indian Electronic Literature, deadline 4 June 2018

We use digital interfaces ubiquitously in India and elsewhere resulting in cultural productions that look and feel different from the ones in the last century. Consequently, as with every technological advance, the production and consumption of literature also undergoes paradigm shifts. We are at such a time in our society – and there are various and varied forms of poetry, literature, digital art, twitterfictions and other forms that have emerged at the intersection of technology and creative expressions. And there is not yet an anthology of Indian electronic literature.

What are the kinds of electronic publishing that is done in India? In which language? How is it similar or different to electronic literatures published elsewhere? In order to answer some of these questions, KSHIP (Knowledge Sharing in Publications) endeavours to publish the first anthology of Indian Electronic Literature – Volume 1.

We welcome proposals of electronic literature in any of the Indian languages including but not limited to English. The submissions can be in the form of digital poetry, flash fiction, digital fiction, net art, hypertext poetry and fiction, interactive narrative, poetry and fiction, literary video games, locative narrative and others. The tools used can vary from Flash, Java, HTML, Twine, PPT etc.


– Performances of electronic literary works are limited to 10 minutes
– The artists/writers are required to submit 200-250 words description about their work
– Any performative nature of work should be mentioned in the description
– Please also include a short biography
– Last date for submission: 4 June 2018


Nirmala Menon
Souvik Mukherjee
Shanmugapriya T

Please send your work to , subject: Submission