Call for submissions – Enpipe Line, a 1173km+ long collaborative poem

ENPIPE LINE · Communiqué 1
“Enpipe, v. To block up and/or fill a pipe to bursting.”
—from the Enpipe Line

This Is An Invitation

Enpipe Line is a long poem—1,173 kms long. It is one long line1.
The idea is to go dreams vs. dream in a collaborative poem designed to engulf and overwhelm the structures that allow proposals like Enbridge’s (Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal) to emerge. Broad, no?
Making this poem may take a while. Then again, it may not.
It is certain to take many people.
It will take many visions also.
Already there have been contributions.
These contributions have begun to interact.
How It Works

You send new or existing work (with date and place of creation) to info [at] The work will be measured (300 cm of 12 pt font = 1 km of enpiping2) and posted to this site.
This communique is non-confidential, so please feel free to distribute widely.

There is no submission limit, so please feel free to submit often.

1 Line breaks (if present) will be indicated with a “/” and blank space will be acknowledged.
2 A “Math of the Enpipe Line” communiqué will appear here shortly.