Call for submissions – Beckett’s The Unnamable

[from Jon]

This is an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s The Unnameable into online media. I ask readers to take an active role in the interpretation and re-interpretation of the text. For this project there are three blogs. This page acts as the body, the the thin foil between the other sites. The blog entitled exteriority is where you will find the Beckett text, and the blog called interiority is set up for creative adaptation.

The brass tacks:
If you’d like to participate in this collaborative artwork, go to the site exteriority and read through the text (or a portion of it). What do you think about when you read this work? Are there any words or phrases that grab you or give you pause? What does the language call forth from you? These kinds of reflections and ideas will hyperlink into the content you post on the interiority site or link to other online media. The meaning that each of us pour into the words will be mirrored in a way. Please feel free to leave writing, photographs, music, videos, etc. related to any words, phrases, or things about the text that interest you. If you want to create a post on your own site you could link through to there. Just specify what segment of the text you’re talking about in the post title and set the link.

You can find a fuller explanation of all this below, but I think that the best way to approach this is to just jump right in. Any ideas on how to make this project better, please let me know. All of your voices are very much welcome and encouraged.

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