Call for Proposals: Appropriation in Creative Practice – deadline 23 June 2007

Dispatx Art Collective is now accepting proposals for full-length collaborative projects related to the theme in exploration, Appropriation in Creative Practice.

Contemporary artists regularly appeal to theory and philosophy as justification, premise, or point of departure. More recently some artists have begun to incorporate theoretical texts as a material for their work. This treatment of philosophy, as if it were cardboard or paint, questions perceived boundaries and dependencies between theoretical idea and creative practice.

How can theoretical ideation and structure be appropriated by different creative practices? What effect might this have on the development of work or on the creative method in general? Crucially, in what ways can ideas themselves be treated as material substances, rather than as jumping-off points or conceptual armatures, and does this alter their influence and status?

Full-length projects make up the majority of the Dispatx collections. The documentation of their development is made fully visible in Make, allowing site visitors to interact with the project development via tags, comments, and creating their own private collections. This means of participation is directed above all at art professionals interested in a rigorous investigation of creative and curatorial practice.

For details of the theme and how to collaborate, please visit