Call for proposals – Anti-Anti Utopia: Art, Technology and Hope – deadline 15 December 2010

From gallery@calit2

Anti-Anti Utopia: Art, Technology and Hope

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth glancing at.”
– Oscar Wilde

gallery@calit2 is calling for proposals from artists, curators and other life forms, for exhibitions that will stimulate thought, desire or action on the theme of “Anti-Anti Utopia: Art, Technology and Hope.”

In a moment of global disaster (economic, geopolitical, etc.), hyper-surveillance, media swarms, censorship, functional limitations, and technological excesses, there is a nagging question–are we beyond invention? In a society of crisis, we invite possibility. In Cruising Utopia, queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz calls for an anti anti-utopia, condemning the political status quo and inviting the “radical aesthetic, erotic and philosophical experiment.”

Against the anti-utopian lockdown of what can be imagined, of what can be illuminated, of what can be made – gallery@calit2 makes a call for work that can consider the difficult intersections found between art, technology and the new “not-yet-now” of hope emerging from the anti-anti utopian moment. Works that cruise utopia with queer futurities, with techno-utopianism after the end of utopia, art that continues creating utopian desires from dystopian fictions and the fictions of science, gestures that push forward new ecologies after the end of what cannot be imagined as the end. Anti-anti utopian art continues to build spaces of hope after the catastrophes of the present have removed utopia from the map.

gallery@calit2 welcomes responses from the local, national, and international communities. Proposals will be reviewed by the gallery committee, and judged according to artistic merit as well as convergence with the mission of the gallery.


1. Title and Project Description
2. Contact info for Curator and/or Artist (Email, phone, address)
3. Statement and Bio for Curator and/or Artist
4. Images of artwork (please link to online examples)
5. Exhibition layout (within the 700 sqft gallery, and for two 30 ft display walls)
6. AV needs (projectors, computers, monitors and sound system available upon request)
7. Budget needs up to $3000 (including any travel/shipping/supplies)
8. Preferred timeframe (Fall, Winter or Spring Quarter)

Deadline to receive proposals is December 15, 2010.
Proposals should be emailed as a single PDF to galleryinfo(at)
Applicants whose proposals are selected for exhibition for 2011-2012 at gallery@calit2 will be notified by May 1, 2011.

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